Prior Authorizations

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Do I need insurance authorization or approval before I can schedule the injection?

Yes. Every commercial insurance payer and most government advantage programs require pre-authorization prior to proceeding with the injection. We try our very best to get this pre-authorization approval in a timely manner but there are factors that are beyond control.

Most insurance companies have their own internal teams that review these requests on a case-by-case basis.

There is a prerequisite checklist that some insurance companies follow, and these can include but are not limited to duration of symptoms, modalities trialed, medications trialed, imaging results (MRIs or X rays).

We must document this information in an accurate and thorough manner in your office visit note, hence, the first visit with Dr. Bhatia is a consultation visit to start the insurance authorization and approval process.

Does my MRI or CT require an Authorization?

At DMV Spine and Pain, we strive to provide you the most efficient care. Please note that most MRI imaging requests require a prior authorization from your insurance. We will make a collaborative effort with the facility of your choice to handle this process. We will provide any necessary clinical information that the imaging facility may require to initiate and complete this authorization.

This process can generally take 3-5 days once initiated. Please note that this authorization process can not be started until a date of service is selected with the facility of your choice and an order is provided and attached to a visit justifying its clinical necessity and satisfying the prerequisite clinical checklist as per each individual insurance plan.


While we ARE accepting NEW patients for Interventional Pain Treatment options, we are UNABLE to accept NEW patients for OPIOID medication management at this time.

We are always committed to providing the most honest compassionate care possible to all our patients